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Important Information - Cancelling Jobs DCM


It’s really important that all completed jobs are cancelled correctly in the Digital Control Module/ DCM. Order details may be required for several reasons, most importantly for reporting purposes, to ensure that the correct resources are allocated to BIGW Photos based on Workflow. When completed jobs are deleted from the DCM, they delete from the Database and will no longer appear on any reporting, thus returning inaccurate figures. The same rule applies to both Instore and Outstore Jobs.


How to Cancel a Completed Job

It’s not necessary to cancel any completed jobs. Completed jobs will automatically delete from the DCM in 7 days without intervention. If the job has already been fulfilled, simply tick ‘Hide Completed Jobs’ on the Instore or Outstore Tabs of the DCM to remove it from view and clean up the workspace. Untick to view completed jobs again as required.



How to Cancel an Incomplete Job

From time to time a customer may not want to fulfil the order. To cancel and delete from the DCM an order which has been cancelled Prior to Printing/Fulfilling;

  1. Go to the Instore/Outstore Tab
  2. Tick the Job requiring deletion
  3. Click the Cancel Jobs button.


***Please do NOT delete Completed Jobs from the Rendering Tab***


Thank you for your cooperation,

Your  BIG W Photos Team.


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