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DCM Workflow Improvements v18.4

The functionality of Digital Control Module/DCM will see some improved search functionality and usability enhancements from version 18.4. Here is a rundown of all the improvements:


Pickup Tab

DCM main screen has a newly added tab ‘Pickup Jobs’ displaying Outstore jobs placed via Online or Mobile platforms where Pickup Instore was selected. The tab will show the platform jobs were created through (Online/Mobile) and also the job status.


Clear Job Function

The Cancel job function has been replaced by a Clear job function and the ‘Ready/Cancel’ button is replaced with ‘Ready/Clear’.  Use the ‘Ready/Clear’ button to clear a job from the DCM where, for example there is an error or the customer no longer wants the job.

It’s not necessary to clear completed jobs. Completed jobs will automatically delete from the DCM in 5-7 days without intervention.  To clean up the workspace tick ‘Hide Completed Jobs’ box to remove it from view or use the new ‘Set to Ready’ Function. (see below)


Set Jobs to Ready

 New ‘Job ready’ tool. This feature works for both Instore and Outstore pickup Jobs. To mark a ‘Job Ready’ highlight the job in question from the relevant ‘Instore’, ‘Outstore’ or ‘Pickup Jobs’ tabs, Right Click to show the Popup Menu, select ‘Ready’.

The job will change to Green once set to ‘Ready’ has been applied and will clean up the workspace while keeping jobs in the DCM for easy searching and resubmitting.


Show Ready Jobs

The DCM screen has a new option ‘Show Ready Jobs’ When checked all jobs previously set to ‘Ready’ will display. Ready Jobs display in Green.


Job Search

Improved job search tool allows job lookup through the ‘Ready/Clear’ tab.

  1. Select ‘Ready/Clear ‘ function
  2. Enter the Job Number
  3. If the job is found DCM will automatically go to the tab where it is found and highlight the job.

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