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Santa Installation & Operators Guide

1. Update or Install Santa Software

This year, you will need to either automatically update your existing Santa Gift software or manually install the software.

1.1 Automatic Update

Automatic Update is only available if you already have the existing Santa Gift software on your IK Server.

1. To determine if you have the Santa Gift software already installed on your IK Server, go to the Windows START button, type "FujiGift" into the text box and the FujiGift icon will appear. Click to open the program and start the updating process.

2.  An application install security warning prompt will appear - click install.

3. Microsoft .NET Framwork will need to install - click Accept

4. This will begin downloading. Once downloading is complete your computer will need to reboot - click Yes to reboot your computer.


5. Once your computer has rebooted, installation will resume - click Install.

6. When installation is completed, the software will automatically open and look like the below.

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1.2 Manual Install

If you do not have the Santa Gift software installed, please follow the below steps.

1. Open up your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and enter the following link into the web address: https://download.fujifilmimagine.com/santa/2019/bigw/Fujigift.exe

2. A popup will appear at bottom of webpage - click Run.

Depending on your Windows version you may receive a "Windows protected your PC" message. To proceed, click on "More Info" and then "Run Anyway".


3. If you have a different version of windows. the popup may appear as below - click Actions.

And in the next popup, click "More Options" and "Run Anyway".


4. Your computer may potentially require the installation of Microsoft .NET Framwork will need to install - click Accept. If your computer does not display the below, skip down to Step #6.

5. This will begin downloading which needs to reboot your computer once download complete - click Yes.


6. Once your computer has rebooted, installation will resume. Next popup will ask to begin the Santa Pack Installer - click Yes

7. Winzip extractor will begin automatically.

8. Next message will ask if you want to install this application - Click Install

9. Santa Gift software will now install and once completed successfully the program will automatically open. The updated version of the Santa Gift software will appear as the below screenshot.

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2. Santa Pack Operator Guide

See below for details of Big W Santa Pack Operator Guide or download a printable PDF here

Getting Started

1. Click on the FUJI GIFT icon on the desktop to start the software. Please note, your icon may appear as either of the below.



2. The screen pictured below will appear. Click the Add button to load images from USB or Media card.


3. Select the desired images and click open.


4. Images will then load to the order screen.


5. The loaded images will be displayed on the grid as shown. The Free print quantity automatically defaults to 1 copy.


6. Click on the Pencil icon to open the Customer Details screen. Enter the Customer Details and click Save.


7. If the customer has ordered packs in addition to the Free Print, use the drop down tabs to add the pack type and quantity.


8. When a pack is added to an order, a Yellow Exclamation icon appears. This indicates that you must check the placement of the images in every product in the pack to avoid incorrect alignment. Click on the image to begin the editing process.


9. Use the editing tools to adjust zoom and alignment of the image. Click Save to move onto the next product or complete the editing process.


10. Once the alignment of all products have been checked, a Green Tick Icon appears and the order is now ready for processing.


11. The orders with Green Tick Icons or the free print only orders (with no icon) are now ready to process. Tick the enable box and click the Process icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

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3. Fujifilm Technical Support

Should you have any questions or issues with the above please log a call with the friendly team at Fujifilm Technical Support at 1800 226 355 (option 2 - technical support).

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