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Santa Operators Guide

Getting Started

To start the Santa Pack software go to the Windows START button and click on Fuji Gift icon in the Double click to start the Santa Pack workflow software.


From the main screen of the Santa Software, select either Batch Processing, Individual Items or Pack Products service.

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2. Automatic Upgrade (only if Santa Pack 2014 or above is installed)

There are three modules available as part of the Santa software. This includes

1. Batch Processing Batch Processing is the fastest way to queue large and varied quantities of Santa Packs orders. Images will appear in a grid format and the pack options can be selected for each image. The free 6x4” print will be set to 1 as a default. The free print will be available as a separate output order separate from the packs. There is no editing function as part of the batch processing module.

2. Pack Products Pack Products allows you to select individual pack products for selected images. This is a great tool if you want to manually create an order for any of the pack options. For each image, scroll through all the product options and edit, zoom and crop as required. The preview of the final product will be displayed to ensure the output is as expected.

3. Individual Items
The Individual Items Button allows you to order individual print products as required based on customer requests. Any products that are available as part of the packs including the prints and calendars can be selected and edited as required.

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3.1. Batch Processing Module

If using the auto rotate functionality, the images shown in the preview screen will not be in the correct orientation. When completing your first order or during testing, please ensure your specific camera and/or your Santa setup works with the batch processing module.

a. Click on the Batch Processing Button

b. Insert Media card when prompted to load all images. This will import the full media card.


c. Remove media when prompted.

d. Santa Package prints can be queued from this workflow screen. The file name is used to reference the customer order. Tick the Enable box to select individual customer orders or use the Enable All button to highlight all orders in the workflow window. Select All

e. The FREE 6x4 print quantity will default to 1 copy for all orders. Please Note: The FREE 6x4 print is not included as part of the Packs and must be selected separately

f. Use the drop down lists under the Pack options i.e. Pack 1, 2 or 3 to select the quantity of Santa packs ordered by the customer. Note: It is not possible to delete individual files/orders from this screen. Order which have not been “enabled” will remain in this list to be printed later.

g. Click the PROCESS button to send the order through to the DI computer.

h. Once printed the file name and pack summary information will appear in the Back Printing Use the file name e.g. DSCF9533 to match the print order to the customer

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3.2. Pack Products

Pack Products allows you to select individual pack products for selected images.

a. Click the Pack Products Button

b. The available Pack Products are displayed; press to select the desired pack. Press NEXT to continue. Click to make a selection. Click Next to continue

c. The Image Source screen will appear, select from Media card or Previous Card. Selecting Previous card loads the archived images from the previously loaded media card. If you select to load images from a media card, those images are automatically archived to the Previous Card folder and replace any images in that folder.

d. Previous images loaded will be archived and accessed with the Previous Card button.

e. Insert the media, loading of images will start automatically upon insertion of the media. Remove media when prompted “Image copy complete. Please remove your media.”

f. Select the image for the items in your pack and press Next to continue.

g. Once you have previewed the last item in the pack product and press Next , the following screen may appear (optional) asking for customer details. Enter Customer name using the onscreen keyboard and press OK

h. Enter the phone number and press OK

i. The customer details are completed, if they are correct press OK to continue. Please note: The customer name does not appear on the back-print. Orders are to reference using the file number.

j. Your chosen image will then be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen, a cropping box will indicate the aspect ratio of the image area of each product in the pack. The amount of image cropping will vary with each item in the pack, please ensure you preview each item carefully Use the zoom buttons to increase or reduce the image cropping and the position arrows to move the cropping box. Once you have established the cropping amount press the preview button to display a preview of your image in the product.

k. When you are happy with the preview, press Next to move onto the next product in the pack.

l. Repeat the process of cropping and previewing for each product, pressing Next to move through the items.

m. A confirmation screen will then appears, check the image cropping and press Confirm to finalise the order. If any of the items require re-cropping, please press on the required item to go back to editing screen

n. If you chose to re-crop an item you will be returned to the editing screen as shown. Use the zoom buttons and positioning arrows to make the required adjustments, use the preview button to ensure the correct positioning and then press Next to continue.

o. When details are complete press Next to continue to the confirmation screen

p. Confirm all images are now correct and press Confirm to finalise the order

q. A final screen appears confirming the completed order, a receipt is produced and an indication of pick up time is displayed. To return to the main screen to start another order presses the Menu button.

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4. Exiting the Application

a. Press the area between the I and F in Fujifilm to access the menu

b. Click the “Exit Application” button

c. Enter “9999” and press “OK

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