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Bamboo Serving Boards

Bamboo serving boards are one of the best personalised serving boards that BIG W Photos has to offer. With a wide range of laser engraved designs to choose from, you can personalise your serving board however you’d like. Get a gift for the chef and baker in your life that they will not only love to display, but that they will love to use!
Our serving boards are made from quality bamboo, and they are not only durable and practical, but they are stunning too. They look great in any kitchen, and they become a present that everyone who loves food will cherish. For a longer lasting bamboo serving board, we recommend not soaking your bamboo cutting board for too long or put it in the dishwasher. These boards last longer when you hand wash it only, and regularly oil it with vegetable oil. Our bamboo serving boards are so easy to design and customise, we won’t be surprised if you order different ones for every member of your family or friend group!
Our ordering process is not only simple and straightforward, it’s fast too so that you can exactly the perfect right when you need it. Get an amazing bamboo serving board gift for your friends or family by creating a free account online. Order and customise them however you’d like, choose your payment method, and then easily place your order! After you’ve got the serving board of your dreams, your order will be sent to our production lab and then shipped right to your home. You can also have it sent to your nearest BIG W store where you can pick it up whenever is best for you. Have questions about the status of your bamboo serving board option or aren’t sure about the process? Reach out to us and let us help you get started ordering amazing kitchen gifts that everyone will love.


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